Ensure the property you found is defect-free thanks to our surveys report

What our support brings to you?

Be sure the property is defect-free

Protect your interests

Know your commitments

Buy at a better price

Find the best mortgage

Know your rights of withdrawal

Choose your own Notary

Get Legal ownership

Translation of Legal documents

What makes us different from the estate agents?

Why you should not trust the French agents?
They don’t explain you the property surveys
reason They don’t want to highlight the flaws
They only protect the seller’s interests
Sellers pay them a sale success fee
They make you sign documents in French
They don’t want you to understand all the clauses
They don’t support you for the negotiation
Their commission would be negatively impacted
They don’t explain your commitments
They are on the seller’s side
They don’t explain your withdraw possibilities
They don’t want the sale fails
Why you should only trust us ?
We make a property survey report in your tongue
We want you to be aware of all the flaws
We protect your interests against the seller
We are on your side
We make reports of all the documents in your tongue
We want you to understand all the clauses
We support you for the negotiation
We want you to buy at the best price
We explain all of your commitments
You must have a full understanding of  the process
We explain  your withdraw possibilities
We want you to be free to withdraw

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Here is what our amazing customers say

They have protected their purchase thanks to our support

Great experience with you throughout the legal process. Thanks again for all your answers to our many questions and the quality of your overall support! Alex
We started being nervous once got provided with the survey in French by the agent. We had no means to know what was included in such documents. Once we received the report, we noticed that asbestos and termites was present in the property whereas the agent did not inform us about this. Therefore, we decided not to buy this property and we kept searching for another one. Since this day, we have understood that real estate agents was only working for sellers and they weren't reliable for buyers.
Lynne & John

Ensure the property you found is defect-free thanks to our surveys report