The search for your property in France


As a foreigner, the search for your ideal property in France can quickly turn into a testing time. In addition to the distance that complicates your task, various problems and pitfalls may end up in your way. Working with a property finder in France is the wisest decision you can take. This professional is essential to simplify your search. We will right away free you from all the pitfalls and problems you would encounter when searching on your own. We are immediately able to offer you a wider choice of properties. In our case, we also enable you to save time and money! Indeed, collaborating with us allows you to limit your trips to France. Therefore, you save your time and limit unnecessary expenses.


After correctly identifying your project and studying its feasibility, we then look together for your ideal property using our search process. From collecting all the properties on the market matching your requirements to your single trip to France, we enable you, thanks to our funnel system, to quickly and effortlessly find the property you need!


Full market search

Let’s get to it! The mission to search and find your ideal property in France starts now! Our logic is to start by gathering all up to date real estate offers that perfectly match your project.


During this step, we carry out a full market search of all the properties in France matching your criteria.

Foreign buyers are faced with various issues and pitfalls when searching for the ideal property in France. First problem to solve, where do you start your search? Indeed, there are numerous search channels available to find a property. Therefore, many of you do not know where to start!


Then, maybe you simply do not have time to search for and visit properties. If you are working, it may not be easy for you to find spare time for this! Although the number one search channel for foreigners, real estate portals have a big flaw. Indeed, sellers never update the ads!


Therefore new properties on the market are often featured alongside properties that have already been sold. Impossible for you to sort out!


By letting us do this search for you, you bypass all the difficulties that foreigners usually face. Moreover, you also avoid the traps that usually await foreign buyers.


We know where to carry out the search. Therefore, we can offer you every property on the market which correspond to your wishes. By investigating every search channels, we increase your chances to find THE property that suits you.


We can divide the search channels we use into two main categories. The main search channels and the secondary search channels. It is rarer to find suitable properties via the secondary search channels. Indeed, these properties are, in most cases, also present on one of the main channels. The opposite is extremely rare.

Main search channels:


  • Offers available from Notaires
  • Off market properties
  • Local estate agencies
  • Transactions between private individuals
  • French real estate online portals
  • International real estate online portals

Secondary search channels:


  • Ads in trade journals
  • Auctions
  • Real estate trade shows in France
For each property we find, we put together a file full of useful information. You can then spend time studying these files to select the properties you like the most!

For each property we source for you, we create a template file with all the data obtained remotely. In addition to the data in the ad, we try to get as much further information as possible.


We contact the seller and ask him several additional questions about the property. This enables you to have in your hands all the up-to-date real estate offers matching your wishes.


Studying these portfolios allows you to have an overview of the properties of interest to you. You can then make a first selection.


At this stage, your future property in France is already in your hands! You are then at the top of the funnel! You will now filter and reduce the number of properties that meet your requirements. This brings you a little closer to your ideal property!


Problems solvedToo many search channels, lack of time to search, online ads not up to date

Pre-visits by French Property Connection

pre-visits-search-property france
Sadly, ads can often be very different from reality. In order to avoid you wasted trips to France, we travel on your behalf to pre-visit the properties you selected.

Sellers in France obviously put an ad online to increase the visibility of their property. Therefore, they generally only highlight the benefits of their homes and airbrush photos. It allows them to make their property more attractive.


Their goal is to maximise visits and increase the probability of a quick sale. A large proportion of foreigners complain about having to make trips to visit properties that ultimately are very different to the ad viewed online. Very often, the property has far more defects than originally disclosed.


We understand how disappointed you may feel. Indeed, you sometimes travel from very far, to visit a property in France. Once you get there, it turns out to be very different from the ad you viewed at home. Depending on your country of origin and the number of trips made, this quickly becomes a serious loss of money and time!


On average, foreigners make between five and six round-trips to France to find their ideal property. Add the plane tickets, hotel costs and day-to-day life, the costs quickly add up! That is why we developed a previously unheard new service to the market which quickly became one of our key benefits: the pre-visits of properties with interactive reports.


While our client relationship team is based in the United Kingdom, our real estate research centre is based in France. So, we are already close to the properties that interest you. We therefore travel for you to make a pre-visit of each property you selected.


This intermediate step enables you to limit your trips to and from France, therefore, saving you time and money! On your behalf, we also visit all the properties which are ultimately… not worth it! For each pre-visit performed, we design a comprehensive interactive portfolio. You then consult this portfolio from the comfort of your home. This gives you an insight on the property as if you had visited it yourself.


We design detailed interactive portfolios on the properties we pre-visited. You can study them in great details from the comfort on your own home before arranging a trip to visit them.

These pre-visits and the interactive reports are very reassuring. Without travelling, you get a very comprehensive report on the properties that you found interesting during your first selection.


You can then leave aside all the properties with obvious defects not visible in the ads. The pre-visits we carried out for you highlight, all these flaws!


Without our assistance, you would have only been able to notice these defects by travelling and visiting the properties yourself. Your search is therefore a lot easier! 


This second filter enables you to only retain the properties that you really like. You are now in the middle part of the funnel.


You now must filter a last time to choose your ideal property!


Problems solvedOnline ads different from reality, repeated visits to France, lack of time to visit

Your opportunities to visit the properties

We completely organise your trip so that you can visit the properties you selected in the previous step. We accompany you for each of these visits, and you can now choose your ideal property in France.

Our pre-visit system allowed you to make sure that the properties that really interest you are free of defects. We then highly recommend a visit in person. Indeed, you need to form a formal opinion.


Once again, we deal with everything. We plan the appointments with the real estate agents involved based on your availability.


We also organise your trip and stay in France. The only thing you must do is get to the airport!


By accompanying you during the visits of the properties, we perform a double mission for you.


Indeed, in addition to introducing the properties visited, we avoid any language barrier with the real estate agent. We speak both languages so we act as interpreters.


It is with astonishment that foreign buyers often find that the French have great difficulties speaking English. Most of real estate agents that you will meet in France will not speak fluent English.


Our presence then becomes a real asset to avoid any misunderstanding.


Once you have completed the visits of all the properties of interest, you have two options.


ideal-property-foreigners-france You are not convinced by the properties that you have seen, which, of course, can happen. In this case, we carefully monitor the market in the following weeks and months. We then alert you in the event of newly marketed properties corresponding to your requirements. It is our duty to continue to accompany you to the successful completion of your project.


You are interested in one of the properties that you have visited. You now wish to buy it respecting the French property purchase process and its complex characteristics to the letter. We are then entering together into the legal acquisition, second part of the completion of your project.


Problems solvedLack of time to visit, repeated visits to France and misunderstandings with the real estate agent

This funnel system allows you to initially have in your possession all the properties matching your project. By filtering these offers twice and then travelling to France to carry out the visits, we clearly simplify your search. We also clearly limit your loss of time and save you money.


96% of foreigners we work with find their property by making a single trip! However, the hardest part is still to come. You must now purchase this property according to the French Law and its specificities. Often misunderstood by foreign buyers, this process is nevertheless quite straightforward.


About the author

Samir Grattery is the creator of French Property Connection. Holder of a Master in Property Law from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, Samir first worked as an estate agent. He was then working on behalf of sellers and defended their interests. He then decided to solely collaborate with buyers. Working as a property finder in Paris, he accompanied non-residents throughout their purchase project and protected their interests against sellers.

In 2015, after moving to the United Kingdom, he created French Property Connection to enable non-residents wishing to buy a property in France to simplify their purchase process, particularly by avoiding the pitfalls and problems usually faced by foreign buyers.

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  1. Marat S. says:

    Hello, in average, how many properties do you gather during the full market search you carry out for your customer?
    Waiting for your reply,

    • Dear Marat,
      Thanks for your question. It mainly depends on the definition of your search (type of property, budget, location) and the offer available on the French market when we start this search for you.
      In average, we manage to group together 6 properties in France matching your criteria and we pre-visit 4 of them.
      Still in average, our customers travel to France to visit 3 properties.

      Feel free to contact us if you have any other query.

      Samir Grattery