Process to buy a property in France as a Foreigner – Introduction


How to find and buy a property in France following the French property buying process? This question, facing any foreigner with ambitions to find and buy real estate in France, is difficult to answer. Searching for and buying a property in France comes with a lot of problems to solve and pitfalls to avoid. The French real estate market and the various steps of the purchase process are indeed very complex! While some foreign buyers choose to proceed with their project on their own, the clear majority eventually rely on a French property finder. Collaborating with such a specialist allows you to simplify your acquisition. Indeed, you avoid the difficulties encountered by foreign buyers and you make the search for the property easier. Also, a property finder in France is able to provide you the legal advice required to complete your purchase through the legal process.


As a foreigner choosing to buy a property in France, you will encounter many issues. How do you easily find your ideal property? How do you purchase it following the French property buying process? Are there specific steps to follow to purchase a property in France as a foreigner? How do you make an offer to buy a property? What is a preliminary sales contract? What is a Notaire? How much are Notaires’ fees? How to apply for a mortgage in France as a foreign buyer? What are the real estate taxes in France? Is it easy to insure a property when you are not a fiscal resident? What to do if you discover a hidden defect? So many questions to which you do not always have the answers to. Indeed, the French process is different from the one that applies in your country.

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To support you throughout the development of your project, we have put together this comprehensive guide. It allows you to fully understand this process and enables you to progress towards the completion of your project. Starting from a study of the difficulties you may encounter, we will guide you along the way. We will explain to you how we find your ideal property in France when we collaborate together. We will also give you some precious tips if you plan to search for it on your own. And all the steps of the French property buying process will be detailed. You will be, thanks to this guide, able to confidently and serenely move forward one step at a time.


We wish to see you achieve your goal, without you encountering the issues generally faced by foreigners. It is our profession and our commitment to advise you and to help you easily buy your property. Our duty is also to allow you to purchase it at the correct market price while respecting the legal process. Sadly, foreigners pay in average more than French people for similar properties.


You will find in this guide clear answers to all your questions. We consider that it is one of our main duties to correctly answer them. You will also find our solutions to the problems that foreigners usually encounter, our expert advice and how we implement the French property buying process when we work together. You will discover why we make the completion of your project easier, from the search for your ideal property in France to its purchase following the legal process.


Should you want to carry out your project on your own or with our help, you will find a wealth of information in this guide. You will find a menu above to help you navigate. It allows you to go directly to the chapter that interests you. Of course, we would be most happy if you read this whole guide! Feel free to share it! Have a great read!

About the author

Samir Grattery is the creator of French Property Connection. Holder of a Master in Property Law from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, Samir first worked as an estate agent. He was then working on behalf of sellers and defended their interests. He then decided to solely collaborate with buyers. Working as a property finder in Paris, he accompanied non-residents throughout their purchase project and protected their interests against sellers.

In 2015, after moving to the United Kingdom, he created French Property Connection to enable non-residents wishing to buy a property in France to simplify their purchase process, particularly by avoiding the pitfalls and problems usually faced by foreign buyers.

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