Obstacles encountered by foreigners


We created French Property Connection to support foreigners wishing to find and purchase a property in France. Collaborating with us allows you to deal with the problems and pitfalls typically encountered by foreign buyers. Our goal is to assist you along the search process to quickly find the property that suits you the best. Additionally, our ongoing support through the whole purchase process makes your legal acquisition problem-free.


Maybe you have already spoken with a friend or a family member who has bought a property in France. This person has probably told you about the difficulties he encountered along the way. Countless hours of research wasted and repeated trips to France to visit what turn out to be unsuitable properties. Or possibly null and void offers to purchase as they do not comply with French laws. A preliminary sales contract protecting the seller rather than both parties. Probably also some difficulties in setting up the utilities contracts required for the running of their new property. The list is endless and the problems and pitfalls for foreigners wishing to buy a property in France many. Better to start your project knowing what these issues are rather than discover them along the way!


Foreign buyers also appear as easy targets for sellers in France. Thus, they quickly encounter pitfalls that a French property finder can easily avoid. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people who have met unreliable or unprofessional real estate agents.


Most foreigners that contact us after trying to achieve their goal by themselves have unfortunately fallen into traps. Real estate agents they have dealt with may have laid these traps on purpose. The French property process itself is also indirectly a source of problems: bank transfers not going through the Notaire or requests for illegal deposits. Null and void preliminary sales contracts and out of date or invalid property surveys are some of the other pitfalls to avoid. Overall, many potential issues you are not aware of. They can slow down or even stop the completion of your project. And they can also cost you a lot of money.



In this section, we will first summarise the problems usually encountered by foreigners. For each existing issue, you will find the solution we propose when we work together. These solutions allow you to avoid the difficulties that may hinder the achievement of your project. Note that we will further detail these solutions in the following sections. In these sections will present our 10-step solution intended to foreign buyers.


Then, we will discuss the pitfalls foreigners must avoid in France. The difficulty with the French property buying process is that unfortunately some foreign buyers do not avoid these pitfalls. Therefore, they delay the happy moment when they finally find and buy their ideal property.


Finally, you will be able to interact with us using the comment box provided at the bottom of each page of the next two chapters. We would be delighted to interact with you on the topic discussed. We do know that the processes in France can be tricky to understand for foreigners. By interacting directly with us through this comment box, you will be able to get all the answers to your questions!


Let’s now take a closer look at the problems faced by foreigners wishing to buy a property in France.

About the author

Samir Grattery is the creator of French Property Connection. Holder of a Master in Property Law from the University of Sorbonne in Paris, Samir first worked as an estate agent. He was then working on behalf of sellers and defended their interests. He then decided to solely collaborate with buyers. Working as a property finder in Paris, he accompanied non-residents throughout their purchase project and protected their interests against sellers.

In 2015, after moving to the United Kingdom, he created French Property Connection to enable non-residents wishing to buy a property in France to simplify their purchase process, particularly by avoiding the pitfalls and problems usually faced by foreign buyers.