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Get the best legal advice

Even if it is more difficult as a foreigner, finding your property on your own is possible. However, it will be far more complicated for you to manage to buy your French property following the legal process without any advice. Therefore, it is better for you to be assisted by a French property finder. Such a specialist is able to provide you with the legal advice required. It will, therefore, ensure that you do not stray from French Law.

We previously established that foreign buyers usually face with various problems and pitfalls when starting the buying process. In order not to leave these issues dominate the completion of your project, you will need our legal advice. Our advice will allow you to easily get around these difficulties. Using and applying this advice will allow you to protect yourself against the seller. Additionally, it will allow you to best defend your interests, particularly during the implementation of the preliminary sales contract.

Working solely for foreigners, we are totally aware of the potential problems and pitfalls that you are going to encounter. Anticipating these external factors as well as the practical implementation of our advice will allow you to totally avoid them! Additionally, you may face a dispute with the seller or the estate agent who represents him (hidden defects, non-compliance to the commitments). A collaboration with us will allow you to assert your rights so that you win your legal case. You may unfortunately have to take legal action. The legal advice that we will provide you and our ongoing support will be strong assets for you. Let us reassure you, this is a rare occurrence, but it can happen.

We have unfortunately already had a case where we had to support a foreigner working with us through legal proceedings. You will see in the chapter devoted to the offer to purchase that if a buyer sends a written offer to buy that exactly matches the amount sought by the seller, the latter cannot turn down the offer.

In this actual case, the seller first logically accepted our offer. He then received, from another buyer, a second offer to buy. That offer was higher than the price he was initially looking for. He then decided, against the Law, to pull back from our offer to pursue with the second buyer. This action was clearly against the French real estate Law. The advice that we provided to the couple working with us, as well as the instigation of a relationship with a French property lawyer speaking their language meant that our clients eventually acquired this property. Our buyers also obtained the full reimbursement of the costs incurred in the proceedings. They also obtained damages and interests for the loss suffered.


Castle of Versailles

Part of our role is to alert you of your commitments when you sign a document. Additionally, we inform you on your possible rights to withdraw. Indeed, change of heart or unexpected external factors can happen in life. To enable you to withdraw from the transaction without paying any penalties then becomes our number one goal. We will always support you to best protect your interests if this happens.

We do not just provide you with the legal advice necessary to respect the French property buying process. Our company also translates all documents related to the transaction established into French to your mother tongue. For example, you may require a translation for the preliminary contract, the deed of sale or the banking documents. This is to avoid any misunderstanding. Depending on the stage to the buying process, to sign can become an irrevocable commitment. It is therefore essential for you to fully understand the documents at hands before you sign them.

You will face the legal process peacefully when you choose to work with us. First, because the legal advice we provide you allow you to not make any mistakes. Your actions are carried out according to the French Law. Then, if there was to be any dispute with the seller, our assistance becomes vital to assert your rights. Likewise, should you want to withdraw, we act together to defend your interests. Last, the translations into your native language. They allow you to fully understand the documents before you sign them and commit.