Make your property purchase in France as a foreigner easier, safer and cheaper


Thanks to our 10-step process, you avoid all the problems and pitfalls faced by foreigners trying to buy on their own. Collaborating with us allows you to save time and money while protecting your interests as a foreign buyer.

Problems and pitfalls to avoid by foreigners when buying a French property

Tired spending hours searching for your property in France?

Enjoy your free time! We search and find THE best property for you!

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Who will provide you with the best support?

(part of the process)
  • Access to all the properties matching your criteria
  • Finding your property without doing the hard work
  • Protecting the seller's interests
  • Protecting your interests rather than the seller’s
  • Negotiating the best price for you
  • Finding a Notaire speaking your native language
  • Translation of all documents into your native language
  • Completely organising your trips to France (flights, accommodations, appointments)
  • Free support beyond the transfer of ownership
Real estate agent
(signs a sale mandate with the seller)
Property finder
(signs a search agreement with you)
  • STEPS 2, 3 and 4
  • STEP 5
  • STEP 7
  • STEPS 4 and 10
  • 6 YEARS

Why are we different?

We put you in the best position to succeed

Avoid problems and pitfalls
By avoiding the problems and pitfalls usually encountered by foreigners, you increase your chances of success while reducing your time involvement and costs!
Get more choice
We give you access to all the properties available on the French market matching your requirements.
Limit your trips to France
You will only travel to France once to choose the property you like the most.
Make your purchase safer
We protect your interest against the seller and ensure that your acquisition is completed according to the real estate Laws in force in France.
Save money
Work with us during your purchase in France and save money!
Avoid misunderstandings
Working with us, you avoid any misunderstanding due the language barrier. We translate all the documents in your native language and introduce you to a Notary who speaks your language.

What we do in 10 steps


As French property finders, we take over the search for your ideal property! Offer a wide choice of properties matching your search criteria, saving you time and money in the process and totally liberating you from the problems and pitfalls usually encountered by foreign buyers during this search process.


From the negotiation of the transaction price to the signature of the deed of sale, we are beside you during the legal acquisition of your property! As a foreigner, you also benefit from the translation of all the legal documents in your native language for a total understanding of all your commitments before signing.


Because we offer a complete service, we assist you beyond the transfer of ownership. Would it be for the search for the best property insurance or to set up utilities, we make sure that you have everything in place and that you perfectly settle in your new French property!

Why Should Foreigners Pay More ?

Some of our 10 steps

Full market search
We group together all properties on the market which match your expectations.

For each property on the market in France which satisfies your requirements, we compile a file. So, you have an overview of all the marketed properties matching your search criteria and make a first selection.

Preview In France
No need to multiply trips to view properties that do not suit you.

Do not waste your time and money on numerous trips. We travel around for you to preview the available properties that meet your expectations and we collect all the information of interest.

We lead the negotiation on your behalf to get you the best deal possible

We are French, and we know the techniques to negotiate a property and force a seller to reconsider his price. We take over the negotiations and get you a better deal.

Search for a Notaire
We find for you a Notaire speaking your mother tongue to avoid any misunderstandings!

On your behalf, we look for a Notaire in France speaking your mother tongue in order to bring you a maximum of comfort and peace of mind when dealing with this important Legal professional.

Types of properties we can find for you in France

Marina property

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We solve problems encountered by Foreign buyers in France. Read an interview of our founder to know more.


Discover in detail our 10 step solution which allows you to make the purchase of your property in France easy and trouble-free.


This amazing tool allows you to easily summarise your purchase project in France and send it to us for completion.

One path together through the French property buying process


Meet Guillaume, our customer relationship manager


“With family on both side of the English Channel, I have lived in France for 23 years and in the UK for the last 25 years where I have held various managerial positions including directorships and business ownership. Educated to post-graduate in Business Management, I have always retained a vested interest in the French real estate market and its attractiveness to foreigners.

Passionate about customer service and the amazing potential offered by French Property Connection, my team and I are your number one point of contact.

Our aim is to help you effortlessly find, visit and purchase your ideal property in France at the right price following the Legal process and to support you during the post transaction steps”

6 years of free support once you become an owner in France

Serenity and peace of mind as the owner of a property in France

We believe that our mission is also to support in the short and medium terms the foreigners who worked with us. You will therefore benefit from 6 years of free support as soon as the deed of sale is signed. So, you can ask us any question relating to your property in France! For example, how do you pay French real estate taxes or what to do if you discover a hidden defect.

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Our Trusted International Partners

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Our 10-step process which allows you to make your purchase as a foreigner easier and trouble-free.


This amazing tool allows you to easily summarise your purchase project in France and send it to us for completion.