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We provide you with the best support to buy your French property

(part of the process)
  • Access to all the properties matching your criteria
  • Making your search easier
  • Support through Legal process
  • Protecting the seller's interests
  • Making your purchase cheaper
  • Translations of all documents into your mother tongue
  • Support beyond transfer of ownership
Real estate agent
(signs a sale mandate with the seller)
Buyer's agent
(signs a search agreement with you)

Problems and pitfalls to avoid by foreigners


6 reasons to use us as your buyer's agent to buy your property in France

We put you in the best position to succeed

Avoid problems and pitfalls
By avoiding the problems and pitfalls usually encountered by foreigners, you increase your chances of success while reducing your time involvement and costs!
Get more choice
We give you access to all the properties available on the French market matching your requirements.
Limit your trips to France
You will only travel to France once to choose the property you like the most.
Make your purchase safer
We protect your interest against the seller and ensure that your acquisition is completed according to the real estate Laws in force in France.
Save money
Work with us during your purchase in France and save money!
Avoid misunderstandings
Working with us, you avoid any misunderstanding due the language barrier as we make reports of all the Legal documents in your native language.

Choose the best pack for your needs

Search & Purchase Pack

Make your search and ownership easier

Finding your ideal property
Purchase pack
Setting up utilities
Setting up insurance

Purchase Pack

Protect your interests once your property found

Be sure the property is defect-free
Purchase at a better price
Full support through process
Legal advice from bilingual Lawyer

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